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Hi y'all, it's Jill Williams, host for International Eye.

A couple of years ago, my husband and I met this FABULOUS couple from Edinburgh while on vacation in Italy. We became fast friends over Scotch and Bourbon (with us showing off our favorite Kentucky Bourbons and them showing off their favorite Scotches). I won't get into details on how we felt the next morning...but, I digress! They invited us to visit them in Scotland and I took them up on it and surprised my hubby with a trip on his birthday.

We absolutely LOVED Edinburgh - the city, the people and the warmth we received from everyone was unreal. The Scots are natural hosts.

Which brings me to our next International Eye conference this June in Edinburgh!

In my neck of the woods, it's HOT and HUMID in June - heck, it will probably feel like summer by late March. So, June is the perfect time to pack a light jacket and visit Edinburgh, Scotland and revel in this beautiful city.

Wandering through both Old Town and New Town is easy as the city is quite walkable. Double-decker red bus tours are frequent and is a great start on your first day to get a feel of the city and find unique spots and locales that you want to explore further. Just remember, to LOOK RIGHT before crossing the street, many a tourist used to living in a country of driving on the right get caught off guard. But, like the good hosts they are, they have LOOK RIGHT painted on all the streets to remind you.

During the conference free times, we'll set up excursions within the city and outside of the city to get a well-rounded feel of this beautiful country. For the golfers, we'll set up tee times at St. Andrews Links and/or other area courses during your stay. If you want to play the Old Course, we have a package with a local hotel stay in St. Andrews.

As I'm sure you're aware, you can join us on our excursions or we can set up your own private itinerary - you're in charge of your experience. We are just here to help facilitate and offer resources.

A few sneak peeks at some of our planned excursion options:

Highlands countryside, Loch Ness and distillery tours. We'll offer several excursion options to visit the Highlands via car or train to also include a visit to famous Loch Ness to try to catch a glimpse of the elusive Nessie. We'll also offer distillery tours in the surrounding area for those so inclined...

Here is the tour I'm most excited about! The haunted Mary King’s Close! Mary King's Close is part of Edinburgh’s Old Town, which consisted of a number of winding and narrow alleyways called ‘closes.' Today, Mary King’s Close is a maze of underground passages and streets, having partially collapsed centuries ago. The Close was painfully excavated in the late 1990's and is the most well-preserved old city foundation underneath the modern day Royal Mile. The Close is a way to experience Edinburgh centuries ago, and we'll hear about daily life back then as well as some of the more lively ghost stories and lore. This tour is an absolute must to "step back in time" - 400 years to be exact!

Hiking Tour - Arthur's Seat

View from Arthur's Seat

Our hotel is near the starting point to hike up to Arthur's Seat and catch a panoramic view of Edinburgh and Leith. There are three ways to get to the top - a tough path straight up, an easy but long path winding up, and a ride up on a bus. You pick!

For art and architecture - and Royal watchers - you'll enjoy a visit to Holyrood Palace (Edinburgh home of Queen Elizabeth), the National Galleries of Scotland and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. The National Library is also a great place for official Tea Time - an indulgent array of sweets or finger sandwiches and tea your way.

For those Harry Potter fans, you can't go anywhere in Old Town and feel like you're in a backdrop from the movie series. We'll offer several tours that are both great for kids and, ahem... "older" Potter fans (read: Jill). There is also an Escape Room that is Potter-themed. Sign me up!

In the next email, we'll share our favorite Edinburgh restaurants and social haunts to enjoy throughout your stay.

For those reading and haven't registered yet...what are you waiting for?!? - JOIN US!

You can register at www.internationaleye.net/registration

Visit us at www.internationaleye.net to check out ANY of our conferences. We can't wait to host you!

See you in Edinburgh!


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