Announcing Prague CE Excursions & Tour Options!

Y'all, we are just SO EXCITED to be getting back into the swing of international travel and seeing people face to face again. It has been a LONG 2 years. Omicron is present but it's much weaker. We are in the home stretch!

We have had many inquiries about tours and excursions in and around Prague and we are happy to share our selections for our June trip (CE dates are June 13-15, 2022.)

Introduction to Prague - Walking Tour (5 hours)

We'll start off our trip in Prague with a local storyteller who shares their favorite walks, famous "must see" spots (like the Prague Castle and Astronomical Clock), tales of legend and lore, as well as the best hidden food and drink locales. This is a walking tour (Prague is a fantastic walkable city) and will give us all a great directional foundation for the rest of our stay. You'll see a ton of places along the way that you'll want to come back to and explore further on your own in your free time!

Czech Beer and Wine Tour - Full Day Excursion

Did you know the Czech Republic drinks more beer per capita than anywhere in the world? They are famous for their Pilsens and are proud and excited to share their favorites with visitors!

But, I'll bet you didn't know this country can proudly boast about their sparkling wines. We were shocked at how fantastic these wines tasted.

Czech vineyards are small producers, so their wines don't get exported for world consumption. We'll just have to enjoy exploring and tasting often during our trip!

Our private guides will drive us to a local vineyard outside of Prague to start the day. We'll tour and learn how this delicious sparkling wine is made before getting to sample it ourselves. You'll sip five of the tastiest sparkling wines produced in the Czech Republic before we head to Pilsen.

We'll drive to the center of Pilsen where we'll enjoy lunch with some locals, then head to the brewery.

The 1930s Pilsen brewery has inspired more than two-thirds of the world's beer. We'll learn the unique method of brewing the Pilsner Urquell beer and enjoy tastings along the way.

Hiking in Bohemian Switzerland - Full Day Excursion

If you are a lover of nature's wonders, you'll want to join us for this excursion. Bohemian Switzerland is just a couple of hours outside of Prague, and crams a ton of gorgeous scenery and great hiking into a relatively small region.

Home to verdant gulches, towering sandstone cliffs, peaceful swaths of farmland, quaint little villages, and majestic rock formations, Bohemian Switzerland is a delight for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Among the many highlights of the region is the Pravčická Brana (Pravčická Gate), pictured above, which is the largest sandstone arch formation in Europe. It is a towering monument to the beauty and organic creativity of mother nature, and is not to be missed when visiting Bohemian Switzerland.

We'll have a private guide drive us to the region (about 90 minutes from Prague) to explore.

Foodspotting Prague - 2 Hour Walking Tour

Calling all foodies and foodie photographers! Our guide is not only a seeker of the best food in Prague, but also takes Insta-worthy food photos to share with jealous friends.

On this private tour, we'll hit 5 local food spots. Throughout your tour, we'll learn insights about the history of Czech cuisine and will guide you to some of the most beautiful highlights of Prague's Old Town.

We'll enjoy delicious sweet dishes like sweet dumplings, potato dumplings with poppy seeds, and cakes with vanilla sauce. We'll then visit Prague's best butcher shop for a sampling of high-quality meats like sausages, meatloaf, and ham.

Another must-try are some yummy open sandwiches called 'chlebíček.' We'll also visit a cute gingerbread shop where we'll taste some Christmas cookies and desserts​. Top it off with a tasting of carefully-selected Czech beers and traditional pub snacks.

Our guide will show us food photography tips and tricks throughout our tour so you'll forever understand how to post the best images of food to share with family and friends.

Prague's "Green Fairy" - Absinthe Tour (2 Hours)

Want to try real absinthe? In most countries, it's forbidden, but our guide will show us a few hidden gems where we can drink it authentically!

We'll follow our green fairy guide to hidden spots where you'll get to know all about the history of absinthe and experience different ways to prepare it and drink it. We'll try absinthe in both the Czech and French way, as well as taste a unique absinthe beer.

Our guide provides a "drink responsibly" experience where she's by our side to have a safe and fun time through the streets of Prague.

We invite you to join us for any of these tours and excursion and we can also curate private tours if you prefer. The next blog, we'll announce our CE courses offering. Until then... Join us for our Prague CE starring John McGreal, OD for 15 hours of COPE approved credit! You can register at www.internationaleye.net/registration See you in Prague! Jill

Click here to join us in Prague for an experience of a lifetime (and 15 hours of CE, too!) Once you attend, you'll want to get all your CE from us.

You'll have the time of your life!

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