Conference Status regarding COVID-19

All - as of right now, we are still ON for the Edinburgh Conference mid-June. We are watching the latest developments and recommendations from the White House and the CDC for any next steps. We really feel (and hope) this virus will be under control by the beginning of May.

If the airlines are OK to fly to/from Scotland without a quarantine implementation, then we will be a 'go.' Our main concerns are the health of our attendees, and the ability to change flights without incurring change fees. If we do need to cancel, we will reschedule for another date. All current registrations will be moved to this new date or, if the dates don't work for you, another conference of choice.

Let's all do our part and wash hands frequently, don't touch your face, avoid large crowds, and if you're sick, please stay home and isolate.

Stay safe out there and don't worry - toilet paper will be restocking this week -


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