Edinburgh CE Conference Course Schedule (June 14 - 17, 2020)

Conference Speaker: Walt Whitley, OD


| International Eye - Edinburgh CE |

International Eye is excited to announce our Edinburgh CE Course Schedule! All courses will be at our Conference Hotel: The Glasshouse - A Marriott Autograph Hotel. Our hotel group rate is available anytime between June 10 and June 21. So, if you want to arrive a few days early or stay a few days later, you're covered!

Sunday, June 14 (6:00pm)

• Welcome Meet & Greet with full bar and heavy hors d'oeuvres

Monday, June 15 (7:15am - Noon) - Speaker: Walt Whitley, OD

• The Good, The Bad, and The Orals - COPE 65190-OP (2 hours)

• Innovations in Ocular Surface Disease - COPE 64968-AS (2 hours)

• Advances in Ocular Drug Delivery - COPE 62883-PH (1 hour)

Tuesday, June 16 (7:15am - Noon) - Speaker: Walt Whitley, OD

• The Surgical Minute - COPE 66400-PO (2 hours)

• IOP Management The Age of Outflow - COPE 66403-GL (2 hours)

• Grand Rounds: Posterior Segment - pending COPE approval (1 hour)

Wednesday, June 17 (7:15am - Noon): Walt Whitley, OD

• Trauma for the OD - COPE 66402-AS (2 hours)

• New Technology in Eye Care - pending COPE approval (2 hours)

• Grand Rounds: Anterior Segment - pending COPE approval (1 hour)

For those reading and haven't registered yet...what are you waiting for?!? - JOIN US!

You can register at www.internationaleye.net/registration

Visit us at www.internationaleye.net to check out ANY of our conferences. We can't wait to host you!

See you in Edinburgh!


P.S. - we'll announce our Paris CE Conference Course Schedule soon!

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