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Hi y'all, it's Jill Williams, host for International Eye. It's true, there is NO better place to eat fantastic meals and explore wines. In Firenze, if you don't serve incredible food, you'll be out of business. You literally can't throw a pebble and not hit a restaurant serving crave-able meals. When my husband and I visit, we go home with a new favorite spot. A friend is traveling to Italy in May and we got together today to share several of my secret spots with her - which whetted my appetite all over again!

Then I thought, why not share this with everyone?...and I hope I get to share them personally with you in October at our Florence CE.

Here is just a small taste of our favorite spots in Florence:

Trattoria Gobbi 13

We first discovered this gem from a local recommendation on our first visit to Florence. Here, you will have the most delectable rigatoni with red sauce as a first course. It's totally shareable, but, you may not want to! There are several local trattorias that specialize in Bistecca alla Fiorentina (Florentine Steak) - however, they really do it right. This is a place where it's best to get a reservation and that is something I can do for you when you arrive for our conference. Don't worry, though, if you happen upon it during your exploration, you might talk the host into finding you a seat - just try a bit of Italian like, "buonasera" (good evening) and this phrase: "parlo un po 'di italiano ma non molto bene!" (I speak a little bit of Italian but not very well) - then kindly ask if they might find room for you. (casatrattoria.com/en/trattoria-13-gobbi-2)

Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco

Located just over the Ponte Vecchio bridge when walking from our hotel, is Cinghiale Bianco - known for their wild boar entrees. But, I have to say, their house Chianti is molto bene (excellent) and at a very reasonable price. The papparadelle pasta with wild boar ragu (Pappardelle Al Ragu di Cinghiale - on the menu) and the truffle tagliatelle (Taglierini Al Tarfuto) were two of the best meals I enjoyed during my last visit. Please note, if you don't have reservations, go early, like 6:30pm - you should not have a problem. Then, before you leave, make a reservation for another night you're in town - you'll definitely want to taste more of the menu by the end of the meal. We went twice last year - two nights in a row - and they treated us like family the second night! (www.cinghialebianco.com)

Osteria del Ponte Vecchio

Again, located just over the Ponte Vecchio, turn right and follow the quaint street parallel to the Arno river. It's easy to miss and looks like a take away deli at first glance - but, just past the cooking line is a covered terrace with the BEST view of the Ponte Vecchio. It's a small terrace, but, it's usually not completely full. It's a good stop between lunch and dinner where you can get a cold beer or Prosecco with a stunning view. Their prosciutto con melone (prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe) is a great appetizer and is plenty for two with drinks.

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