Still Traveling to Florence this Fall

It is unreal to see the Duomo without throngs of tourists...

Florence CE UPDATE: the optometric education conference this October will be rescheduled for sometime in 2023. This is due to the Italian Ministry not giving clear guidelines or approval to conference hotel and meeting centers for in-person instruction or education.

However, I have already booked my travel and accommodations for Florence from September 8 – October 6.

And. I’m. Still. Going.

Italy’s Prime Minister announced on Tuesday that Italy will be opening for vaccinated tourists this summer. Unfortunately, for scheduled in-person conferences, the Ministry still hasn’t provided direction for conference hotels or meeting spaces to hold in-person meetings. So, we have to cancel the education.

But, that shouldn’t stop you from going this Fall…because if you’ve been vaccinated, had Covid, or arrive on a Covid-tested flight, you won’t have to quarantine upon arrival and you can begin exploring Italy.

So, take advantage of me being in Florence and let me curate the best Italy vacation for you. Hotels will be open, but why not experience Florence like a local and stay in a fabulous flat?

A huge terrace in my April Florence flat - amazing views

Maybe you want a huge terrace to soak up the Tuscan sun while drinking a fabulous crisp Vernaccia di San Gimignano wine. Every morning, you can head to the neighborhood Bar for a morning espresso or cappuccino and drink it at the counter like the Italians. Walk EVERYWHERE because the city center of Florence is pedestrian-friendly. I’m booked for a month in a flat with a fabulous 180-degree terrace (that I’ve stayed in during several trips to Florence).

And, I can find the perfect flat or house for you, too.

Soaking in the April Tuscan sun on my terrace

Why have me design a custom trip for you to travel even though there are still Covid issues? Because I’m the only travel planner that has experience getting around the country even during Italy’s RED or ORANGE zone restrictions.

Travel to Italy during Covid – Different but Still Amazing.

I just got back from Italy a few weeks ago on a scouting trip looking for new Italy experiences to offer. As an American, the only way I could enter Italy was for proven essential business. So, I travelled for business, under the strictest of rules, and guess what? – I still had a blast. It is Italy, after all. La vita dell’Italia!

Spending two weeks traveling throughout the Lazio (Rome) and Tuscana regions, I got - mostly - similar questions from Italians that have endured multiple lockdowns for the past year. “How are you here?” And my response? “I’m here to bring your tourism back as quickly as possible.”

Our Tuscan driver, Filippo, excited to be back to work

You don’t know how many hugs and fist bumps I got from excited Italians just itching to welcome tourists back to their country. I haven’t experienced Italy so empty of tourists – it was surreal. I walked over to the colosseum at 8:30 in the morning and literally walked around the entire structure only passing a few citizens walking to work.

If you are ready to travel in 2021 and want to enjoy Italian sites practically devoid of throngs of tourists, this Fall is the time to do it. And, I’ll be there to help with anything you need. So, take advantage! Whether it’s last minute reservations to museums, the best restaurants, a private driver to take you on a tour of Tuscan wineries, a truffle hunt, a Ferrari ride through the winding roads, you name it and I’ll book the best for you.

I have extensive connections throughout Italy that I’ve cultivated over the years.

I have never experienced Trevi Fountain with fewer than 10 people deep to throw a coin to wish to return once again.

If you are interested in having me plan, book and host you in Florence this Fall, send me an email at info@internationaleye.net or give me a call (334) 655-7122.


Jill Williams

Host, International Eye

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